Vol 39, No 2 (2019): The Prismatic Shape of Trust 2. Authors and Problems

Issue Description

This issue of «Teoria» constitutes the second of two volumes focused on the theme of trust. If in the previous one space has been given to a decidedly more theoretical approach, in this second issue trust is deepened in a historical-chronological perspective, focusing on some authors of the history of thought in which this question has been explicitly addressed. It is a collection of essays that aims to open the contemporary debate on the subject to further and subsequent developments.


Writings by: Veronica Neri, Mauro Serra, Elisa Magrì, Gloria Dell’Eva, Carlo Brentari, Agostino Cera, Alice Pugliese Stefan Lukitz, Silvia Dadà, Carmelo Meazza, Marco Damonte, Giacomo Turbanti. Autori vincitori del Premio di Studio «Vittorio Sainati» 2018-2019 / Authors winner of the «Vittorio Sainati» prize 2018-2019: Giulio Goria, Simone Grigoletto, Armando Manchisi


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