Vol. 42 No. 2 (2022): New challenges in decision-making processes

Fairness and algorithmic decision-making

Benedetta Giovanola
University of Macerata, Italy
Simona Tiribelli
University of Macerata, Italy

Published 2022-12-24


  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • algorithmic decision-making,
  • fairness,
  • ethical design

How to Cite

Giovanola, B., & Tiribelli, S. (2022). Fairness and algorithmic decision-making. Teoria. Rivista Di Filosofia, 42(2), 117–129. https://doi.org/10.4454/teoria.v42i2.160


The paper focuses on one of the most urgent risks of artificial intelligence, and more specifically of algorithmic decision-making (ADM), that is, the risk of being unfair. In the first section we provide an overview of the discussion on fairness in ADM and show its shortcomings; in the second section we pursue an ethical inquiry into the concept of fairness, and identify its main dimensions and components, drawing insight from a renewed reflection on respect, which goes beyond the idea of equal respect to include respect for particular individuals too. In the third section we show how our conceptual re-elaboration of fairness can help identify the criteria that ought to steer the ethical design of ADM-based systems to make them really fair.