Vol 40, No 2 (2020): Philosophy of Translation. An Interdisciplinary Approach

Issue Description

A critical reflection about the relevance of translation and its many variations seems to be a priority in contemporary philosophic research. This issue of “Teoria” features the talks held Homo translator. Traditions in translation, a meeting organised at the Nanzan University Nagoya, Japan, and other selected papers, which broaden the horizon of the survey to the spheres of literature, technology, psychoanalysis and politics.  

Writings by: Adriano Fabris, Seung Chul Kim, Zbigniew Wesołowski, Jorge Martínez, Paul L. Swanson, Alicia M. de Mingo Rodríguez, Carlo Chiurco, Elinor Hållén, Elena Nardelli, Alberto Martinengo, Sašha Hrnjez, Maria Benedetta Saponaro, Premio di Studio «Vittorio Sainati» 2019-2020, Giulia Battistoni, Guglielmo Califano, Filippo Nobili


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