Vol 37, No 1 (2017): Language and Truth. Philosophy and Religious Discourse

Issue Description

This issue of «Teoria» is focused on the theme of religious language, on the various forms in which it is articulated, and on the way in which the philosophical tradition, with its specific approach, is able to interpret – rather than betray – the multiple expression of  the faith. The issue contains also the essays that won the “Vittorio Sainati†award 2016.

Scritti di / Authors:

Pierluigi Barrotta, Adriano Fabris, Anthony Kenny, Maurice Borrmans, Cristina D’Ancona, Irene Kajon, Giuseppe Lorizio, Giovanni Ventimiglia, Alfredo Rocha de la Torre, Verbena Giambastiani. Scritti “Premio Sainati†di: Luca Gili, Giacomo Petrarca, Enrico Moro.


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